Print Scale

  1. Avro Vulcan Part-2 / 72-256 /

    Avro Vulcan Part-2 / 72-256 /
  2. French SPAD S.VII / 72-259 /

    French SPAD S.VII / 72-259 /
  3. LFG Roland C.II/C.IIa Walfisch / 72-251 /

    LFG Roland C.II/C.IIa Walfisch / 72-251 /
  4. French Nieuport 10_11_16 / 72-257 /

    French Nieuport 10_11_16 / 72-257 /
  5. Pfalz D.IIIa Aces of World War I / 72-253 /

    Pfalz D.IIIa Aces of World War I / 72-253 /
  6. Avro Vulcan Part-1 / 72-252 /

    Avro Vulcan Part-1 / 72-252 /

Print Scale publishing group – production of high-quality decals.

We are a company of enthusiasts: press operators, designers, historians, which have come together for the purpose of production of high-quality decals for modelers.

We hope our products will win respect and repute among modelers in our country as well as beyond.

All business partnership propositions are welcome!

Print Scale publishing group is interested in co-operation and partnership with all persons interested in creation of new decals: designers, modelers, historians, as well as with on-line stores and wholesale purchasers of our products. 

We hereby inform you that some time ago was hacked our mailbox . All correspondence, addresses and other lost. Huge request to all with whom I corresponded, including for replacement sets or charitable assistance to contact me at the following address: