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Bell AH-1 Cobra Part 2 / 48-187 /
1. AH-1G. Unit: "F" Troop, 4th Cavalry Regiment, US Army. Serial: 15012. Hue-Phu, August 1972. Note anti-Strela missile modifications, which 'hide' the exhaust gases which the heat seeking Strela homes on.

2. AH-1W Lot.II Super Cobra. Unit: USMC. Serial: BuNo.162567. Modern Cobras are painted In a highly effective two-tone gray color scheme. This AH-1W carries TOW missile armament on its wings.

3. AH-1? "Pandora's Box". Unit: 2/20 ARA, US Army. Serial: 031. The helicopter flown by CW2 L.Wayne Richardson, Vietnam 1972.