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Gloster Javelin Part-1 / 48-197 /
1. Javelin F(AW) Mk 1, XA 558, A No. 87 Squadron, 2nd Tactical Air Force, RAF Bruggen, West Germany. Standard scheme and 
national markings, except for the fuselage roundel which has been reduced in size to fit within the unit’s colour bar; note No.87's sword insignia on fin in red, outlined in white. Crashed near Bruggen on 5th June 1958 after both engines flamed out.

2. Javelin F(AW) Mk 2, XA 776, ‘N’, No. 46 Squadron, RAF Odiham, 1957. Standard scheme and national markings. White and red arrow with an RAF roundel superimposed on fin. Yellow ‘ N’ code.

3. Javelin F (AW) Mk 2, XA 780, ‘C’, No. 46 Squadron, RAF Waterbeach, June 1961. Standard scheme and national markings. Yellow ‘C’ code on fin, with the unit badge in a white circle superimposed on a red/white arrowhead.