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Record-Breaking F-100 Super Sabre / 72-442 /
1 F-100C-1-NA, Serial 53-1709, flown by Colonel Horace A. Hanes (USAF) to set a supersonic speed record on 20 August 1955 over a measured 15/25-kilometr course over Edwards AFB, California.

2 F-100C-25-NA 54-2096, 21  Fighter Day Squadron, 413 Fighter Day Wing, George AFB, California, flown by Major Manuel “Pete” Fernandez to win the Bendix Trophy Race on 31 August 1956.

3 F-100F-1-NA,Serial 56-3730 “Spirit of St Louis ll” flown by Major James R. “Robbie” Risner as part of the Charles Lindbergh Commemoration Flight from New York to Paris to set a new transatlantic speed record on 21 May 1957.

4. F-100F-15NA, Serial 56-3950, “ City of Barstow”, 1st Fighter Day Squadron, 413th Fighter Day Wing, flown by Lt. Col. Chuck Yeager (the first person to break the sound barrier in level flight in a Bell X-1 on 14October 1947), to make a supersonic mail delivery on 13 December 1958.