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Lockheed F-80. USA & Europe Part 1 / 72-447/
1. Lockheed F-80B-1-LO Shooting Star 45-8598/ FN-598, flown by Col. Harry Russell Spicer, commander of the 36 th Fighter Group, Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, 1948.

2. Lockheed F-80A-5-LO Shooting Star 44-85464/FN-464 flown by Col. David Schilling, commander of the 56th Fighter Group, “ Operation Fox Able l”, Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, 1948.

3. Lockheed F-80B-5-LO Shooting Star (upgraded to “C” standard) 45-8704, assigned to the commander of the 137 th Fighter Bomber Group (Oklahoma Air National Guard), Will Rogers Field, 1953. 

4. Lockheed F-80C-5-LO “Shooting Star” 47-545/FT-545, flown by Col. John W. Mitchell, commander of the 63rd Fighter Wing, photographed on 26 March 1950 during the USAF Gunnery Meet at Nellis AFB.