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Hurricane Aces of the MTO and Africa Part-2/ 48-226 /
1. Hurricane Mk.I(Trop), V7474/A, 261 Squadron, flown by Flt Lt J. A. F. MacLachlan and Sqt. F N Robertson, Malta, 
November 1940. 

2. Hurricane Mk. I (Trop), V7562/TP-A, 73 Squadron RAF, flown by Sgt. A. E. Marshall, Sidi Haneish, Egypt, 
January 1941. 

3. Hurricane Mk.I(Trop), Z4932/OL-B, 806 NAS, flown by Sub/Lt. M. F. Fell, Maddalena, Libya, December 1941.

4. Hurricane Mk.I(Trop), 284/J, 3 Squadron SAAF, flown by Lt. Robert Kershaw to rescue top SAAF ace Cpt. J. Frost, Degehabur, Ethiopia, March 1941.