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SPAD S.XIII / 72-471 /
1. SPAD S.XIII S.4523. Captain Edward V Rickenbacker ?O, 94th Aero 
Squadron USAS. Summer 1918. Source: Aircam SPAD Scouts S.VII-XIII

2. SPAD Xlll, No. S18869, pilot Jacques Michael Swaab, 22 Aero Sqn, winter 1918-1919.

3. SPAD Xlll, No. S7689. Arthur Raymond Brooks.  Recommended for Medal of Honor, downgraded to Distinguished Service Cross.  
His ACTUAL AIRCRAFT from WWI (“SMITH IV”) is on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. 

4. SPAD Xlll S7522 of 1Lt Martinus  Stenseth 28th Aero Squadron, October 1918.

5. SPAD S.XIII S.7714. Captain Robert Soubiran CO, 103rd Aero Squadron USAS November 1918. Source: via GVW.

6. SPAD S.XIII S.4606. 1/Lt Raymond 'Jerry' Seevers CO, A Flight 139th.  Aero Squadron USAS Postwar. Source: OTF 7/2.