Print Scale

Capitan Diego Alatriste / PSF003 /
Captain Diego Alatriste is a collective image of one of the last knights of the era of the conquest of Flanders by the Spanish crown. The image is inspired by the film directed by Agustin Diaz Yanes "Captain Alatriste". An adventurer, a romantic who loved one woman all his life - actress Maria de Castro. Soldier of Honor. He died in the battle of Rocroi, not wanting to surrender and responding to the proposal with the legendary phrase: -Dile al duque de Enghien que le agradecemos desde el fondo de nuestro corazón. ¡Pero esto es un tercio español!! (-Tell the Duke of Enghien that we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. But this is a Spanish third!)
  Author's figurine, work of sculptor A. Gagarin (Ukraine).
The circulation of castings is limited to 200 pieces. In each set there is a certificate with the casting number and the owner's personal signature "Print Scale", which guarantees the uniqueness of the set. Scale 1/16. The kit includes parts of the figurine cast from polymer resin, parts grown on a 3D printer.