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Pilot "Phantom II" Viet Nam War / PSF004 /
Pilot "Phantom" F-4. period of the Vietnam War.
  The war in Viet Nam is one of the most tragic and controversial conflicts in US history. Actively began with the Tonkin incident in August 1964 and ended in the spring of 1975 with the fall of Saigon. As in any war, there were a number of tragedies and the pain of losses, and heroism. One of the best fighters proved to be the pilots of the Air Force, Navy and Marines, who fought against the communist north on planes that became the legend of aviation "Phantom" II.
  Author's figurine, work of sculptor A. Gagarin (Ukraine).
The circulation of castings is limited to 200 pieces. In each set there is a certificate with the casting number and the owner's personal signature "Print Scale", which guarantees the uniqueness of the set. Scale 1/16. The kit includes parts of the figurine cast from polymer resin, as well as parts made on a 3D printer with the highest degree of reliability.