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Rumpler IV pilot and mechanic Great War / PSF007 /
Set of two figures "A mechanic prepares a pilot to fly the Rumpler C.IV. The plot is borrowed from a famous photograph in which a mechanic helps the pilot put on a mask for heating his face at altitude. The mask was powered by a small battery, a battery that was attached to the pilot's poial. The need for such a mask was that the Rumpler was a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft and flew at high altitudes, where, as you know, very low temperatures.
  Due to the very good ceiling at that time, only some enemy aircraft could reach it. The pilots really liked the successful design of the aircraft and they treated it with respect. By the way, our company produces the resin kit Rumpler C.IV in 1/72 and 1/48 scales.
  Author's figurines, the work of the sculptor A. Gagarin (Ukraine).
The circulation of castings is limited to 200 pieces. In each set there is a certificate with the casting number and the owner's personal signature "Print Scale", which guarantees the uniqueness of the set. Scale 1/16. The kit includes parts for two figures, a pilot and a mechanic, molded from polymer resin, as well as a facial heating mask, made on a 3D printer with the highest degree of accuracy.