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Hurricane Aces of the MTO and Africa Part 4 / 48-256 /
1. Hurricane Mk. I (Trop), W9298/X, 33 Squadron RAF, flown by S/Ldr E. A. Howell, Maleme, Crete, May 1941.

2. Hurricane Mk. I, W9349/F "Pride of Ceylon", 213 Squadron RAF, flown by P/O J. Stowrey, Famagusta, Cyprus, October 1941.

3. Hurricane Mk. I, Z4223/V, 213 Squadron RAF, flown by F/OG.H.Westlake, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 1941.

4. Hurricane Mk. I, V7599/YK-Q, 80 Squadron RAF, possibly flown by Sgt. E.W.F. Hewett, Eleusis, Greece, March 1941.

5. Hurricane Mk. IIB, BD897/WG-P, 128 Squadron RAF, flown by S/L Billy Drake, Hastings, Sierra Leone, December 1941.