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Civil Consolidated PBY Catalina / 72-502 /
1. PBY-5A, C-FNJB, c/n CV-249. The now defunct Canadian airline Norcanair operated this modified Catalina in a fire-fighting role from its Saskatoon base. The aircraft is basically natural metal with large areas for better visibility during missions. Tail and elevators 
are white, all titles in black. Note the Canadian flag on lower tail.

2. PBY-5A, N31235/98, c/n 48426. Slafco lnc. from Moses Lake. Washington was founded in 1965 by Robert .P. Schlaefli and operated a number of Catalinas into the 1990's on water bombing contracts. This extremely modified (note the tail section ) 1944 
example sports a white livery with undersides separated in black. Black cockpit area and engines, the latter with a red speedwing. “Super Catalina” titles in black underneath the wing. Red wing lips on both main wings and stabilizer. Note the untypical spinner for a Catalina which is higly polished bare metal.

3. PBY-5A F-BBDR. Flown by Air France after World War II in the airline’s full livery of that time. A basically natural metal fuselage featured the dark-blue twin cheatline of the Frenchcarrier complete with the flying seahorse logo.Registration is outlined in white, the engines sport a dark-blue speedwing. Registration is repeated in black above and under the wings.