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AEG C.IV / 72-503 /
1. AEG C.IV v.R C.7123/17. ? CWL 5.3 9th Reconnaissance Squadron, Krakow-Rakowice Airport.

2. AEG C.1042/16 may have been the AEG C.IV n/N.I prototype. It was sprayed in a two-color camouflage, probably in the typical green and mauve shown here.

3.  AEG C.IV, 6623/16, nevertheless was the ancestor of the AEG N.I and the AEG J.I and J.II. This one is in standard factory sprayed camouflage finish with the black unit marking of  Schutzstaffel 6 in 1916.

4. AEG C.IV C. 6590/16

5. AEG C.IV C. 4762/17 German Air Force. 1917.

6. AEG C.IV trainer in postwar Netherlands service.

7. AEG C.IV . 6674/16 of Schusta 27.