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FW 190 D-9 Part-2 / 48-258 /
1. Fw 109D-9 from the Stab of lV./JG 3.

2. Fw 109D-9 from ll./JG 6. Western Front, February 1945.

3. Fw 190D-9 from 7/JG 2. Rommelhausen-Stockheim, Germany, beginning of 1945.

4. Fw 190D-9 from the Stab of JG 4. Rhein am Main, Germany, beginning of 1945.

5. Fw 190D-9 (W.Nr.211115) from 16./EKG (J), abandoned at Pilsen in Czechoslovakia.

6. Fw 190D-9 from the Stab of lll./JG 2. Considerably weakened after the Battle of Normandy JG 2 received its Doras 
(first in the Stab-Headquarters- then the l. and ll. Gruppen) from mid-December 1944.

7. Fw 190D-9 from the Stab of lV / JG3. Prenzlau, Germany, March 1945.