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Kawasaki Ki-61. Part 2 / 72-509 /
Ki-61-I-Kai, 59th Air Combat Regiment, 2rd Company. Home Island Defence, Fukuoka. Japan. summer 1945.

Ki-61 68 Sentai Hombu B51 Capt Akita Ozonaki New Guinea 1943.

Ki-61 l, 68th Air Combat Regiment, Company Commander 2nd Company. Cape  Gloucester. New Britain, Bismark Archipelago. December 1943. The first Hien to be captured intact.

Ki. 61-I, 68th Air Combat Regiment. 2nd Company. Now Guinea, October 1943.

Ki-61-Ia, 68th Air Combat Regiment, 3rd Company. Manchoukuo- Home Islands-New Guinea. March 1943-April 1944.

Ki-61-I, 68th Air Combat Regiment, 1st Company, New Guinea 1944.

Kawasaki Ki-61-I Otsu, 149th Shimbu Tai, Ashiya air base, Japan, fall 1945. This Hien originally belonged to 3rd Chutai, 59 th Sentai. Repair of a damaged tail part was done due to cannibalization of other plane. The rudder carries patch of Akeno flying school partially covered by 149th Shimbu Tai patch.

Ki -61-I Hei Hien coded “88" 244th Sentai Chofu, February 1945.

Ki-61-I-Hei. It was Japanese soldiers who certainly accounted for marking of this Kawasaki Ki-61-I-Hei. Note the form and location of victory marks. After transition to Ki-100, the 244th Sentai left its Ki-61s at Chofu, where they were stored for their future service with suicidal units.

Ki-61-I Hien “696" flown by S/Lt Ryoji Uehara, 56th Shinbu-Tai, Okinawa, May 1945.