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Spad Vll-XVll / 72-046 /
1. SPAD Xll S444 of Lt Gabriel Guerin, SPA15, Spring 1918

2. SPAD Vll S401 of Lt. Albert Deullin, SPA73, Bergues, July 1917

3. SPAD XVll S694 of Lt Francois Battesti, SPA73, October 1918

4. While Gorman de Freest Larner was flyind with the French Escadrille SPA 86, a fellow pilot plunged to his death in this SPAD S.Vll, No 13 accidentaly shot down by friendly fire (Bruce Robertson)

5. SPAD Xlll S4830 of Lt Michel Joseph Callixte Marie Coiffard, SPA 154, October 1918

6. SPAD Xll (serial unknown) of Lt Marcel Hugues, SPA95, May 1918

7. Spad Xlll (S.2xxx) “I” S/Lt Bourjade, Spa 152, Soudee-Sainte-Croix July 1918

8. SPAD Xll Charles J Biddle, commander of the 13th Aero Sguadron.It is shown here undergoing ground testing in October 1918

9. Spad XIII (S.4764) you Sgt Levy, N 561, Lido (Italie) september 1918

10. Spad XIII S 15202 of Lt Frank LukeJr, 27th Aero Sguadron, September 1918

11. Spad XIII S15137 of Lt David E Putnam139th Aero Sguadron, september 1918

12. Leslie Rummell sits in the cockpit of SPAD Xlll S7650 “14", which was normally flown by 1Lt Ralph L Hartmann, while Chester Wright leans on the lower wing. Rummell was credited with six victories while Wright, with nine, was the highest scorer of the 93rd Aero Sguadron

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