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RF-101C 45 TRS "Polka Dots" / 72-042 /
The long-nosed RF-101C Voodoo was the first combat aircraft in Southeast Asia as part of an operational unit in October 1961. The Voodoo did a superb job of photographing the Pathet Lao and Viet Cong. The RF-101C’s speed made it largely immune to MiG interception. The Voodoos perform a complex missions in some 35,000 sorties over 9 years, 39 RF-101C aircraft were lost, 33 in combat including five to SA-2 Guideline SAMs, one to an airfield attack, and one in air combat to a MiG-21 in September 1967. 27 of the combat losses occurred on reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam. RF-101C Voodoo wears standard T.O. 1-1-4 SEA camouflage and the white AH tail code assigned to the 45th TRS 'Polka Dots', part of the 460th TRW, at Tan Son Nhut. In 1970, RF-101 were replaced by new RF-4C 

1. RF-101C-75-MC 56-119 “Green Dragon” 460 TRW 45 TRS ”Polka Dots”, 1968

2. RF-101C-45-MC 56-176 “Kathy’s Clown” 460 TRW 45 TRS ”Polka Dots”, 1970

3. RF-101C-45-MC 56-176 “Little Miss Beth Ann” 460 TRW 45 TRS ”Polka Dots”, October 1968, Tan Son Nhut airbase

4. RF-101C-45-MC 56-176 “Gerry’s Clown” 460 TRW 45 TRS ”Polka Dots”, 1969

5. RF-101C-65-MC 56-068 “Mitzie Kay” 45 TRS “Polka Dots”

6. RF-101C-40-MC 56-168 “Little Miss Sweetness” 45 TRS “Polka Dots”

7. RF-101C-40-MC 56-168 “Luv Bug” 45 TRS “Polka Dots”, 1970, Tan Son Nhut airbase

8. RF-101C-70-MC 56-105 “The Iron Eyeball” 45 TRS ”Polka Dots”, May 1970, Tan Son Nhut airbase

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Made by modeller Jiri Kure from Australia :