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F 4 U Corsair / 72-052 /
1. F4U-4 Bu.No. 81251 V302 of VF-113

2. F4U-4 Bu.No. 81881 B304 flown by Lt William E. Pullman II of VF-193, USS Princeton, August 1952

3. F4U-4 Bu.No. 81754 B216 flown by LtJg Howard W. Westervelt, Jr., of VF-192, USS Princeton, September 1952

4. F4U-4 Bu.No. 97143 H308 flown by Cdr. Cook Cleland of VF-653, USS Valley Forge, 1951

5.  F4U-4 Bu.No. 81712 A211 'DOT' of VF-791

6.  F4U-4 Bu.No. 96941 D302 flown by Lt Alfred E. Nauman Jr., of VF-871, USS Princeton, October 1951

7. AU-1 Bu.No. 192359 LD10 'MISS PENNY' assigned to Capt Dick Fransisco of VMA-212 Named for the daughter of Capt Forest Nelson, Penny Nelson.

8. F4U-4 Bu.No. 97380 WR5 flown by Capt Phillip C. DeLong of VMF-312, USS Bataan, April

Made by modeller Howard Rifkin from Bristol, Pennsylvania: