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Skyraider / 72-055 /
1. Attack aircraft A-1H (AD-4) from Squadron VA-176c carrier "Interpid"This aircraft Lieutenant Patton knocked over HanoiMiG-17 1996.

2. AD-6 (A-1H) VA-145 Swordsmem, US Navy 506/AK (BuNo.139820) CVA-64 USS Constellation. August 1964. One of the first aircraft attacked torpedo-boats in Tonkin Gulf.

3. A-1H (TS,53-137628)was assigned to the 22nd SOS, 56th Special Operations Wing (SOW).The Wing flew from OL-AA (Operating Location Alpha-Alpha) at Da Nang, South Vietnam. The Skyraider displayed a shark mouth on its cowl-a friendly jab at the F-4 Phantom squadronswhich had shark mouths painted on their aircraft.

4. AD-4NA “Skyraider” air force of the Republic of Chad.

5. In August of the 1968th Fort Lamy on ?had airfield the four of attack planes of  A-1H "Skayreyder" from structure of a squadron of EAA (Escadron d'Appui Aerien) 1/21 Armee d'Air which supported further governmental armies during civil war.

6. At the beginning of the Vietnam War the A-1 was still serving aboard US Navy carriers. This example was flown by the commander of VA-52 aboard the USS Ticonderoga in the early 1960.

Made  by modeller Marek Rogal  :