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B-24 Liberator / 72-060 /
1. B-24J-175-CO 44-40712 'Plunderbus' of the 864th BS, 494th BG.

2. B-24D-165-CO 42-40503 'Jungle Pussy' 374th BS, 308th BG, Chengkung, China, 1944.

3. B-24J-175-CO 44-40737 'Wolf' flown by 1/Lt. C. K. Zimmerman of the 867th BS, 494th BG.

4. B-24H-10-FO 42-52150 33 'VENI, VIDI, VICI' flown by Lt. Henry N. Silvers of the 718th BS, 449th BG.

5. B-24D-25-CO 41-24302 'Boisterous Bitch' flown by Lt Robert D. Chambers of the 493rd BS, 7th BG.