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Gloster Gladiator / 72-062 /
1. Gladiator Mk l (K8027) was assigned to No 87 Sguadron,Royal Air Force (RAF) at Debden, England in October of 1937. 

2. Gloster Gladiator Mk.l K6145, of No 3 (F) Squadron, Kenley, 1937. 

3. Gloster Gladiator Mk.l L7612, No33 Squadron, Ismalia, May 1938.

4. Gloster Gladiator Mk.ll, GK-Z No 80 Squadron, Egypt 1940 Dark Earth and Dark Green upper surfaces. Black and White undersides of fuselage and lower wings only. Note attempt to tone down earlier ‘bright’ colours on fuselage roundel.

5. Gloster Gladiator Mk.ll, HE-K No 263 Squadron, Norway, Spring 1940. Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey upper surfaces ; Sky Grey undersides.

6. Gloster Gladiator Mk.ll, N2309:B, No1401 (Met) Flight at Bircham Newton, late 1942. Ocean Grey and Dark Green upper surfaces; Medium Sea Grey undersurfaces.

7. Gloster Sea Gladiator Mk.l, N5567:6-C, No 813 Squadron, HMS Eagle, Mediterranean, 1940. Standard FAA scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey.

8. Gloster Sea Gladiator Mk.l, N5502:135, No 801 Squadron Fleet Air Arm, onboard HMS Courageous, early 1939.  
Standard ‘silver’ scheme. Bright Blue fuselage band; standard roundels in four wing positions;spinner is white.

9. Gloster Sea Gladiator N5524, No 261 Squadron, Luqa, Malta, January 1941. Dark Green and Dark Earth upper surfaces; Sky undersides.

10. Gladiator ll L9044 of No 3 Sqn RAAF, flown by Flg Off Peter Turnbull, Martuba, Libya, 25 January 1941.

11. Gladiator ll N5852 of No 1 Sqn SAAF, flown by Capt B J L Boyle Azzoza, Eritrea, October 1940.

12. Sea Gladiator N2272 of 804 NAS, flown by Sub Lt J W Sleigh, Hatston, Orkney, July 1940.