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American Spitfire / 72-064 /
1. Spitfire Mk VB BL255 MD-T flown by 2Lt Don Gentile of the 336th FS / 4th FG, Debden, October 1942

2. Captain Leland P Molland’s Spitfire Mk Vlll at Castel Volturno, Italy, February/March 1944

3. Spitfire Mk IX c EN 354 coded WD-W and named Doris June ll, flown by Lt Leonard Helton of 4th FS /52nd FG(USAAF) Tunisia, June 1943

4. Spitfire Mk IX c (s/n unknown) coded WZ-GJ and named Eleonor, flown bu Maj. Garth Jared, the CO of 309th FS /31st FG, USAAF (the aircraft is marked with his initials) Italy, January 1944.

5. Spitfire Mk IX, 309th FS, Lieutenant Robert Connor’s February/March 1944

6. Spitfire Mk Vb (trop) in North Africa. Lieutenant Louis N Macomber’s.

7. Spitfire Mk Vc (trop) belonging to the 307th FS

8. Spitfire Mk Vb BM 324 was flown Squadron Leader (Commandant, in Armee de I’Air terms) Bernard Duperier of 
340 lle de France Squadron.