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Fighter Yak-9 / 72-072 /
1. Yak-9U - flown by Georgiy Baevski, Hero of the Soviet Union (19 personal victories). The 5th Guards Fighter Regiment (GIAP), Germany, March 1945.

2. Yak-9T - flown by Capitan Rene Challe. Normandie-Niemen Regiment of the 303rd Fighter Division (IAD). Eastern Front, February 1945 (according some sources this a/c was also spotted at Dubrovka airfield in June 1944). The portrait of Fury was mark of G C I II/7 aircraft since 1940. .

3. Yak-9P (Yak-9B) “Moscow” - tactical number “2" - flown by Captain I.I. Petrov, the commanding officer of the 1st Sq. 168th IAP. Khimki, Moscow, June 13, 1944.

4. Yak-9M - flown by soviet ace pilot G.L. Nakaznyuk. (5 personal and 5 group victories. Participated in 60 aerial combat in 78 sorties). This a/c was flown Nakaznyuk from August 1944 and shot down a Fw-190. The aircraft was gray on all surfaces. The emblem of the Orden of the Battle Red Banner was only on the port side.

5. Yak-9D, tactical number 31 - flown by Vladimir I. Voronov, the wingman of M. Grib. The 6th GIAP of the 11th ShAD, Black Sea Fleet Arm, May 1944.

6. Yak-9D - tactical number 22 - flown by Captain M. Grib (17 victories). The 6th GIAP of the 11th ShAD,
Black Sea Fleet Arm, Saki Airfield, April-May 1944.

7. Yak-9U - flown by Major Victor Kalashnikov, Commander of the 291st Niemen (Suvorov Orden IIIrd Degree) IAP (of the 265th IAD, the 3rd IAK). (15 personal victories). Noidorf Airfield, Germany, 1946.

8. Yak-9UT - flown by Major Grigori Kudlenko, Deputy Commander (Navigator) of the 6th Orshansk Red Banner, Suvorov Orden IIIrd degree GIAP of the 4th GIAD, the 1st GIAK. 5 personal victories. Perleberg, East Prussia, 1947.

9. Yak-9UT - tact.#37 - belonged to the 12th Red Banner IAP of the Baltic Sea Fleet, Kohlberg, East Prussia, 1945.

10. Yak-9UT - tact.# 31 - belonged to the 3rd sq. of the 43rd, IAP, 3 IAK, 16VA. East Prussia, May 1945.

11. Yak-9U with VK-107 engine - tact.# 14 “Vakhtangovets” belonged to the 29th Volkhov GIAP, 7VA. Karelia Front, winter 1944-1945.

12. Yak-9UT - tact.# 31 - flown by Major Alexei Reshetow, Hero of the Soviet Union, Commander of the 1st sq., 21 GIAP, 268 IAD, 8VA (36 personal and 8 group victories), Hungary, 1945.

13. Yak-9UT - tact.number 1 “Pobeda” - flown by Captain Garry Merkveladze, Hero of the Soviet Union, deputy squadron commander in the 152nd Sandomir, Bogdan Khmelnitski and Alexander Nevski Orders GIAP, 12 GIAD. (13 personal and 2 group victories) Prague, Czechoslovakia, May 1945

14. Yak-9U - tact.# 9/5 - unknown unit. April, 1945

15. Yak-9T - tact.# 52 - flown by Lieutenant Petr Peskarev. The 812th IAP. This a/c was shot down on April 12, 1944 - pilot KIA.

16. Yak-9T - tact.# 38 - flown by Lieutenant Alexandr I. Vybornov, Commander of the 3rd sq. 728 IAP, 3 IAK, 256 IAD. (20 victories) Poland, autumn 1944.

17. Yak-9P (Yak-9B) - s.n. 12153100 - flown by Lieutenant Colonel G.A. Kokrushev, Commander of the 168th IAP

18. Yak-9T - tact.# 04 - flown by Major I.N. Stepanenko, sq. commander in the 4th IAP, 1945

19. Yak-9T - tact.# 10 - flown by Captain Soloviev. The 845th IAP. Spring 1945.

20. Yak-9M - tact.# 1 - this aircraft was presented to Stojan Stojanov (a Bulgarian ace pilot), by A.Pokryshkin (the Soviet ace, triple HSU). Bulgaria 1945

21. Yak-9U - tact.# 2, ser. N. 42166097 - flown by Lieutenant N.F. Kizim, the 2nd sq. Yambol Airfield, Bulgaria, 1945-1946.

22. Yak-9P - tact.# T2-3002 - this aircraft was tested at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, USA in 1955 and was marked with the US insignia.

23. Yak-9P of North Korean Air Force. This a/c was captured by the US troops at “Kimp-Ho” airfield.