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Wildcat and Martlet Aces / 48-055 /
1. Martlet lV FN 112/0-7D flown by Lt Dennis Mayvore Jeram RN, No 888 Sqh, FAA, HMS Formidable, Operation Torch, November 1942

2. F-4F-4 Bu No.3417/White 19, flown by Stanley Winifield “Swede” Vejtasa, VF-10 USS Enterprise, Battle of Santa Cruz, October 1942

3. FM-2 (BuNo Unknown)/White 35, flown by Lt. Ralph Elliot, Jr., VC-27, USS Savo Island, January 1945

4. F4F-4 BuNo. 5193/Black 13, flown by Machinist Donald Y. Runyon, VF-6 USS Enterprise, Sept 1942

5. F4F-4,BuNo.02124/White 77, flown by James Swett of VMF-221, Guadalcanal, April 7,1943

6. F4F-3, BuNo Unknown/Black 8, flown by Lt Col Harold William Bauer of VMF-212, Guadalcanal, Sept.-Nov. 1942

7. F4F-4, BuNo.5192/Black F12, flown by Lt James ‘Pug’ Southerland, VF-5, USS Saratoga, August 7, 1942

8. FM-2, BuNo Unknown/White 29, flown by Lt (jg) Hatherly Foster lll of VC-93, USS Petrof Bay, April 1945