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FJ Fury / 72-083 /
1. Early FJ-3, BuNo. 135862, with leading edge slats assigned to VF-21 at NAS Oceana, Virginia,October 1955

2. North American FJ-4B Fury, US Navy, BuAer 143554, VA-55,CVA-20 USS Bennington, ca 1958

3. North American FJ-3 Fury, US Navy, BuAer 136157, VF-94, NAS Alameda CA., ca. 1955

4. North American FJ-4 Fury, US Marines, BuAer 139523, VMF-334, NAS Atsugi Japan, ca. 1957

5. North American FJ-4 Fury, US Marines, BuAer 139475, VMF-451, Ping Tung North Taiwan. ca. 1957

6. FJ-4 NRAU, US Navy No. 6/6M (BuNo.139437) Memphis Naval Air Base. 

Made by modeller Peter Leiminger from Germany:


Made by modeller Marino Romeo from Italy: