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PV-1 Ventura / 72-081 /
1. PV-1, Bu No 34741, flown by LT Bill Scarborough of VB-144 on glidebombing and low-level attacks against Japanese bases in the Marshall Islands. Squadron operated from Tarawa and Roi-Namur, January to September 1944

2. PV-1 No. 145 Bomber Reconnaissance Sq.,RCAF, Torbay, Newfoundland 1943

3. PV-1,GR V 2263 endured a wheels up landing at RCAF Port Hardy, in British Columbia, on 2 February 1944

4. PV-1 'Black 125-B-6' flown by Lt Tom Kinaszczuk, VB-125, , Argentia, Newfoundland, 27 April 1943

5. PV-1 Bu No 33253 flown by J H Wehman, VMF(N)-531,Russell and Treasury Islands,South Pacific, February 1944

6. PV-1,Bu No48891, VB-135, LT “Butch” Mason, Attu, 1944

7. PV-1 2195 of No 149 Sqn, Prince Rupert, British Columbia, 1943

8. PV-1 “White 34 “of No 1 Bombing Operational Training Unit, Ohakea, New Zealand 1945 No 1 BTU was assigned the task of training crews for all bomber reconnaissance squadron. Based at Ohakea, the unit performed this function until June 1945, when it began training transport crews

Made by modeller Matthew Dolby from UK: