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Republic P-47 Thunderbolt / 144-005 /
1. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-25-RA, flown by Col David Schilling, 62nd FS, 8th AF, Boxted, England, 1944. Camouflage Dark Sea Gray/Dark Green is put on over natural metal (upper surfaces). Red nose band and yellow rudder. Black/White invasion stripes around wings and rear fuselage.

2. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-30-RA, 512th FS, 406th FG, 9th AF, Belgium, February, 1945. Natural metall overall with red spinner and front fuselage area. Red/yellow/red bands around fuselage and blue/red/yellow around fin/rudder. Anti-dazzle panel in Olive Drab.

3. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-28-RE, “Unadilla Killa”, 355th FS, 354th FG, 9AF, France, 1945. Natural metall overall with Olive Drab anti-dazzle panel. Medium Blue/White nose decoration.

4. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-27-RE, 315th FS, 324th FG, 12th AF, Italy, 1945. Natural metall overall with Olive Drab anti-dazzle panel.

5. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-30-RE, “Torrid Tessie”, 346th FS, 350th FG, 12th AF, Italy, 1944. Natural metall overall and Olive Drab anti-dazzle panel. Black checks on natural metall rudder.

6. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D, 86th FS, 79th FG, Italy, early 1945. Natural metall overall with Olive Drab fuselage top decking. Red bottom section of cowling. National markings on fuselage sides, above port and under starboard wings.

7. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D, “Ole-Miss Lib”, flown by Lt. Thomas W Smith Jr, 63th FS, 56th FG, 8th AF, early 1945. Two-ton blue camouflage on top of natural metall except for leading edges of wings and elevators. Red front of cowling. Top part of rudder in mid-blue.

8. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-30-RE, GC II/5 “Lafaette”, based at Corsica, 1944. Natural metall overall with Olive Drab anti-dazzle panel and Red front of cowling and spinner. National marking in six position.

9. Republic Thunderbolt P-47D, Soviet Air Force. Olive Drab/Neutral Grey scheme. Standard Red/White stars on fuselage sides only.