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Martin B-26 Marauder / 144-007 /
1. B-26C-20-MO s/n 41-35018 B/N 32 'Spooks' flown by Lt. Chester M. Angell of the 37th BS, 17th BG.

2. B-26C-11-MO 41-34891 B/N 06 'Some? Punk-Kin!!' flown by Capt  Wilfred E. Corey of the 437th BS, 319th BG.

3. B-26G-5-MA 42-96214 43-34381 K9-D 'Willie the Wolf' crewed by Lt. Arthur ‘Art’ Kramer of the 494th BS, 344th BG.

4. B-26G-1-MA 43-34213 4T-C 'The Old Goat' flown by Capt  John C. Furnas of the 585th BS, 394th BG.

5. B-26B-20-MA 41-31714 KS-K 'Keller's Killer' flown by Col. Keller of the 557th BS, 387th BG.

6. B-26B-15-MA 41-31590 B/N 79 'Repulsive Rabbit' flown by Capt. W.C.Wood 'Bill' of the 440th BS, 319th BG.

7. B-26G-25-MA, 1 Escadrille, GBM I/22 "Maroc", Armee de l'Air, 8X/02 (44-68171) St.Dizier, France, May 1945.

8. B-26C-45-MO, GBM I/19 "Gascogne", Armee de l'Air, No. 67 (42-107823) Lyon, France, 1945.

9. B-26C-45-MO, GBM 2/52 "Franche-Comte", Armee de l'Air No. 05 (42-107569) Lyon, France, 1945.

10. B-26G-25-MA, GBM 2/63 "Senegal", Armee de l'Air No. 31 (44-68207) Mengen, Germany, 1945.

11. B-26C-15-MO 41-34914 B/N 18 'Willie Jr' flown by Capt John W. Young of the 437th BS, 319th BG.

12. B-26C-45-MO 42-107791 B/N 18 'Alabama Express' flown by Lt. Palmer of the 437th BS, 319th BG.

13. B-26C-11-MO 41-34895 B/N 75 'Twin Engin Queenie' of the 440th BS, 319th BG.

14. B-26C-15-MO 41-34934 B/N 39 'Lady Luck' flown by Lt Blakee of the 438th BS, 319th BG.

15. B-26B-20-MA 41-31695 FW-G 'QQQQ' flown by Capt. Early of the 556th BS, 387th BG.

16. B-26G-15-MO 43-34284 No.32 'Green Eyed Glodine' named and flown by Lt. Robert A. Perrine of the 442nd BS, 320th BG.

17. B-26B-50-MA 42-95894 K9-P 'Georgia's On My Mind' (AKA 'Old Dog Pee') of the 494th BS, 344th BG.