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F-105 Thunderchief MiG Kill / 72-096 /
1. F-105 D-20-RE Thunderchief JJ (61-0132) 34th TES, 388th . Korat RTAB August 1967.

2. F-105D-25-RE, 61-0069, was credited with a MIG-17 kill on April 28,1967. This photograph of the aircraft was taken in October 1983, after the aircraft had been restored for display. Notice the enticing art work on the upper portion of the nose. Unfortunately, the art has since been removed.

3. F-105D-10-RE Thunderchief "Memphis Belle ll" No. RU (60-0504), 357th TES, 355th TFW. Takhli RTAB 1970.

4. F-105D 61-0159 “Have Gun Will Travel” taxying out at Richmond on 29 July 1978.

5. F-105D, 62-4284, assigned to the 465th TFS, AFRES, was photographed at Dobbins AFB, Geogia, on June 7, 1975. This aircraft was credited with three MIG-17 kills. Two kills were made on March 10, and one on October 27,1967.

 6. F-105G, 63-8320. Three small red stars are painted under the armament data box under the front cockpit. The WW tail code was horizontal and painted white.

7. F-105D-20-RE 61-0159 Honeypot 11/HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL of the 354th TFS/355th TFW, Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, May 1967.

8. F-105D 59-1743 “Hanoi Express” is seen here on the ramp at Richmond on 29 July 1978.

9. F-105Ds known to have been assigned to 1949th TFS sep75/may 80 named “Yankee Dood it” in 1978 and “Keep’em Flyin” in may 80, to MASDC as Fk062 arr 24 sep 81.

10. F-105Ds known to have been assigned to 1949th TFS jan 75/may80-named “Ye old war horse” in 1978/may80, to MASDC as Fk045, arr 17jun 81.