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Bristol Blenheim Mk.I / 72-100 /
1. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l K7078:139 J of No.139 Squadron, RAF Wyton late 1937.

2. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l K7045:114-Z of No.114 Squadron, RAF Wyton, 1938.

3. Bristol Blenheim Mk.lf L1426:RX-M of No.25 Squadron seen at RAF Northolt, August 1939.

4. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l BL-138 of 1LeLv 41, Finnish Air Force 1941.

5. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l L8612:OB-W of No.45 Squadron, Helwan Egypt 29 July, 1940.

6. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l No.26 for Escadrila 1 recunoastere-bombardament from Focsani-North airfield in Moldavia buring the fall of 1941.

7. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l BL-117.

8. Bristol Blenheim Mk.lf L6733:FK-D of No.219 Squadron, RAF Catterick. March 1940. Fighter Command black (port) and white (starboard) underwing markings.

9. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l BL-106.

10. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l 34911:AD-H of No.60 Squadron based at Ambala, India, 3 October 1939.

11. Bristol Blenheim Mk.l L1134:PT-F of No.62 Squadron based at RAF, Tengah, Singapore, February 1941.