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Douglas A-3 Skywarrior / 72-109 /
1. A-3B (A3D-2) Part: VAH-2, US Navy, 601/NL (BuNo.147650) CVA-43 USS Coral Sea, Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam Coast, 1965 The plane crashed 6th October 1966 after a collision with RA-5C.

2. EKA-3B Part: 1st Detachment of VAQ-135 "Ravens", US Navy , 610/AB (BuNo.147667) CVA-67 USS John F.Kennedy, 1965 A-3 
Skywarrior was the American sailors nicknamed 'whale'. Initially, A-3B. In June 1967 converted to a tanker KA-3B, in July of the same year in the EKA-3B. And in November 1974 back to KA-3B.

3. EKA-3B Part: VAQ-132, US Navy, 614/NG (BuNo.142400) Initially, A-3B. Modified to KA-3B tanker in May 1966 In June 1969, the EKA-3B.

4. A-3B (A3D-2) Part: VAH-13, US Navi, 611/NH (BuNo.142401) Airplane A-3B, squadron VAH-13 - great emblem thereof (bat) is applied on the fuselage. fuselage. The squadron was based on the aircraft carrier CVA-63 USS Kitty Hawk, later replaced these machines planes A-5 Vigilante. In June 1967 the aircraft was modified tanker KA-3B.