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Vought F-8 Crusader / 72-095 /
1. Vought F-8 Crusader,F-8E (F8U-2NE), VF-162, US Navy, 202/AH (BuNo.150908), CVA-34 USS Oriskany. Pilot - Commander 
Richard M.Bellindzher. July 14, 1966 was shot down in combat with J-5 Ndo Duck.

2. Vought F-8C Crusader (F8U-2),VF-111, Det.11, US Navy, 103/AK (BuNo.146961), CVS-11 USS Intrepid, 1968. 19th September 1968. Lieutenant Anthony Gran on this machine knocked North Vietnamese MiG-21 of 921 IAP.

3. Vought F-8 Crusader. This F-8H (316/ BuNo 148628) was assigned to the 7th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 5th Fighter Wing. Philippine Air Force at Basa Air Base, Luzon, the Philippines.It was painted in two-tone “wrap around” camouflage scheme of Glossy Dark Gray (FS 15327) and Glossy Neutral Grey (FS 16320) adopted in 1982. All markings were Flat Black, except for the full color national insignia on the wings and fuselage.

4. Vought F-8 Crusader assigned this F-8E (FN) (21/ Bu No 151752) to Flottille 14F. This Squadron was embarked on the Porteavions (Pa: Aircraft Carrier) FOCH (R-99) in June of 1967.The Crusader was painted in the stancard US scheme of Light Gull Gray over Insignia White. This aircraft has English data stencils and a Radome Tan (FS 33613) radome.