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Cessna O-1 Bird Dog / 72-131 /
1. L-19A of the 8th Army was used to transport President elect Dwight D. Eisenhower on an inspection trip of Korea in December of 1952.

2. TO-1D carries the high visibility Gloss White end Red scheme used for aircraft that operated over the Arctic or jungle areas.

3. Cessna O-1D " Little Annie Fanny", 199th Reconnaissance Airplane Company, the " Swamp Foxes" Vinh Long, RVN, understand was flown bu Rich Burns. Mid-60s.

4.  This shark mouthed O-1D of the 19th TASS was one of the first Air Force Bird Dogs to deploy to Vietnam during July of 1963.

5.   Marine Corps OE-2 (O-1C) of VMO-6 based at Chu Lai, South Vietnam during the early 1960s.

6. A number of Air Force O-1s carried three color camouflage schemes that varied from aircraft to aircraft. The Orang identification panels on the wing uppersurface helped attack aircraft spot the O-1. 

7. Cessna O-1C, US Marines Corps, BuAer 140100, System Test Division, NAS Patuxent River MD, ca.1965. 

8. Cessna O-1D Bird Dog, Cambodian Air Force, s/n 23529 (55-4689),Pochentong Air Base, ca 1972.

9. Cessna O-1E Bird Dog of the 112th Liaison Squadron, 23rd Tactical Wing, Bien Hoa during 1966.

10. MAJ Boung used this VNAF O-1A to South Vietnam with his wife and five children. MAJ Boung made the first landing bu an O-1 on an aircraft carrier, landing on USS MIDWAY on 30 April 1975.