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Fairey Battle / 72-141 /
1. Battle MK. I part: 12 Sqn, RAF No.: V (P6597) Binbruk, United Kingdom, July, 1940.

2. Fairey Battle Target Tug. No.92, Irish Army Air Corps, 1941. Dark Green/Dark Grey Night finish with two - colour national marking over a white background on the fuselage and tri-colour(orange outboard) 20 inch-wide band around wings. Scrap view shows a different scheme with a Donald Duck cartoon on the fuselage side: Get Quacking.

3. Battle Of: the RAAF No. 89 (L5789) this aircraft was operated in the school shooters RAAF, as towing targets in 1943.

4. Turkey Fairey Battle Mklll, 2829/29, Turkish Air Force. Dark Green/Dark Earth/ Night finish; red rudder with white crescent and star superimposed. Red/white wing markings; serial 2929 in white under wings, and 29 in black on fuselage sides.

5. Fairey Batle Mk l K9299/GV, No.103 Squadron (RAF), Benson, early 1939. Dark Green/ Dark Earth/ Night finish with white codes; black serial on fuselage and rudder, white under wings reading from leading edge under port and from trailing edge under starboard A type roundels on fuselage and above wings; note unit badge on fin.