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Potez 63 / 72-138 /
1. Potez 63.11 No.366 (C-865) of G.R. II/14 bearing both insignia of 3/13 and 4/13 Sqn. on the fin Avignon 1941.

2. Potez 631 C3 Part 4: Escadrille, GCN II/13, Armee de l'Air number: 186, 2, X-955 (N186) Nimes Courbessac, July 1940-g.

3. Potez 63.11 Part 2: Escadrille, GR I/52 No. 4 (N357), 1940.

4. Potez 63.11 part: GAO I/583 number: 1 (N?) Aleppo, Syria early 1941.

5. Potez 63.11 Free French Fighter Flight No.2, RAF Serial: Ax673 Haifa, December 1940.

6. Potez 63-11 Part: not available number: G-717 Aircraft was used as a training (for advanced training) in 1943, the ' G ' Prefix in a side room means ' Gyarkori ' camp. 1943 g. like many other aircraft, it was used as an auxiliary.

7. Potez 63-11 part: Reggia Aeronautica Room: no data 1943 g. Note that typically Italian aircraft were not under the wings of 
white boxes under the markings. Apparently in this case, they are closing the OZ the previous owners. This type of aircraft was 
used only for training and usually carried two white strips on the wings-belonging of flight school.