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Sukhoi Su-27 "Flanker" / 144-013 /
1. Su-27 Flanker-B Part: no data Room: 10 AIR combat Center and flight qualifications, Lipetsk. 1992.

2. Su-27P part: 689-th GvIAP number: 04 Chkalovsk, the end of 2002, the Plane is built by Sukhoi in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. 
The Eagles suffered in March, 2001.

3. Su-27: 582-th part of the IAP, 239-I, 4-IAD I WA FORCE GMT No. 24 Airfield Chojna, Poland, 1992 g. shortly before the withdrawal of the Russian troops in 1992, the tri-color Camo, under the sign ' non-aircraft cockpit ' and seven red stars.

4. The Su-27 (late series): 54-th part of Kerch GvIAP, 148 ND Apct AA number: 02 Savasleyka Base, Russia, 1998.

5. Su-27P of the 8th IAP 177: number: 35 Afb Lodeynoye pole, Leningrad oblast, 2005, the first series Aircraft. Left the capital repairs in 2004 year.

6. The Su-27 (late series) part: aerobatic group "Russian Knights", 234-th GvCPAT "Proskurovskij" number: 04 Early slightly faded colour.

7. The Su-27SKM number: 305 Early weakly faded colour.

8. The Su-27 (later episodes) number: 06 Sevastopol-Crimea, 1992 .

9. Su-27sk part: 2-6 Division I-AA, IAP PLAAF 1st Room: 609 (16039) Suixi AB, Guangzhou, China.

10. Su-30mk2 part: FAV number: 0460 Winter, 2006.