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North American Texan / 72-151 /
1. North American NAA-57 3./JG105 NF+WY (61, c/n.159) Villacoublay, Paris, circa 1943. 

2. Commonwealth CA-5 Wirraway Mk.II 4 Sqn, RAAF Serial: 03/D (A20-103) Pilot - P/O.John Archer, observer - Sergeant James Coulston. Buna, New Guinea. On 26 December 1942 when he shot down Japanese A6M. Nowadays it preserved in the Australian War Memorial.

3. T-6F part: South Vietnamese Air Force No.CD 139744 1960 Рі.

4. LT-6G 'Scream N Rebel' 6147 Tactical Control Group, USAF Serial: LTA-579 (49-3579) A rocket armed aircraft. Chunchon, Korea, during 1953. The plane was remanufactured from earlier AT-6 aircraft.

5. SNJ-2 Carrier Division One, US Navy Serial: BoNo.2549 Pilot - CO Aubrey Fitch. CV-3 USS Saratoga, during 1940.

6. T-6G 43 Sqn, 4th Wing, Royal Thai Air Force Serial: 4331 RTAFB Thakli, circa 1956.

7. T-6G 22nd Sqn, 2nd Wing, Royal Thai Air Force Serial: 2225 (180) RTAFB Udon Thani, circa 1959.

Made by modeller Peter Leiminger from Germany: