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Avro Anson / 72-156 /
1. Avro Anson Mk.l, K6285/MW-F, No.321 Squadron RAF, 1940.

2. Anson Mk.I Part: 220 Sqn, RAF Coast Command No.: H-220 (N6211).

3. Anson Mk.I Part: Escadrille Arras, Groupe Artios No.: EG352.

4. Avro Anson Mk.l W1530, RAAF. Dark Earth/Foliage Green uppersurfaces and white undersides; blue/white roundels in six 
positions. Red crosses under wings and fuselage, the latter within a white disc, red lower half of cowlings; serial in light grey.

5. Avro Anson Mk.I, OT-ZCB (Na5), No. 21 Squadron (15 Transport Wing) Belgian Air Force. Aluminium overall with national markings in six positions code and serial in black. In July 1947, the Belgian Government acquired 11 Avro Anson Mk. I
communications aircraft from RAF surplus stocks. Anson I NA-5/OT-ZCB remained in service of the 21st squadron of the 15th Transport wing until May 1955.

6. Avro Anson Mk.l, AW665/PP-B, No. 71 Squadron, RAAF.