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De Havilland Mosquito / 72-159 /
1. Mosquito FB IV, NS838/UP-J “Wag’s War Wagon” of No605 ‘County of Warwick’ Squadron (RAF), flown by F/Lt A.D. Wagner and F/O E.T. Orringe, March 1944.

2. Mosquito FB IV, HJ808/UP-O of No 605 ‘County of Warwick’ Squadron (RAF), flown by S/Ldr D.H. Blomeley DFC and F/O R. Birrell DFC, November 1943.

3. Mosquito NF XXX NT325/HU-N of No 406 ‘Lynx’ Squadron (RCAF), flown by S/Ldr Donald MacFadyen, DSO & DFC, November 1944.

4. Mosquito NF II, DZ230 /YP-A, piloted by Wing Commander P G Wykeham-Barnes, Commanding Officer of No. 23 Squadron (RAF), Dec. 1942.

5. Mosquito FB VI, NT115/TH-J of No 418 ‘City of Edmonton’ Squadron (RCAF), crewed by F/O S. Seid DFC and F/O D. N. McIntosh DFC, October 1944.

6. Mosquito NF XXX NT242/RS-F “Fairynuff” of No 157 Squadron (RAF), possibly flown by W/C J.G. Benson DSO & DFC and L. Brandon DSO & DFC , January 1945.

7. Mosquito NF Xlll HK425/KP-R “Lonesome Polecat” of No 409 ‘Nighthawk’ Squadron (RCAF) crewed by F/O R.H. Finlayson and F/O J.A. Weber, October 1944.

8. Mosquito NF XVll HK286/G/RX-A of No 456 Squadron (RAAF) crewed by W/C K.M. Hampshire DSO and F/Lt T. Condon, 
March 1944.

9. Mosquito FB VI, RS575/3P-V of No 515 Squadron, piloted by by W/C H.C. Kelsey, February - April 1945. 

10. Mosquito NF XIII MM465/NG-X of No 604 ‘County of Middlesex’ Squadron, crewed by W/C H.M. Constable-Maxwell 
DFC, July 1944.

11. Mosquito FB IV HJ914/SB-O of No 464 Squadron (RAAF),December 1943.