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Spitfire Mk V Aces / 72-155 /
1. Spitfire Vc Unit/Location: Luqa Wing (Commander), Luqa, October 1942. Code:White PP-H/BR498 (flew in through Operation "Baritone", 17.08.1942). Pilot:Peter Prosser Hanks, RAF.

2. Spitfire Vc(t) Unit/Location:249 SQN, Ta Kali, July 1942. Code:White UF-S/BR301 (flew in through Operation "Bowery", 09.05.1942. Pilots:G F "Buzz" Beurling and John McElroy, both RCAF.

3. Spitfire Vc(t) Unit/Location:601 SQN, Luqa, 15.06.1942. Code:White UF-M (flew in through Operation "Bowery"(?),09.05.1942)
Pilot:Bruce Ingram, RNZAF. Successes:2/0/0 on Malta and a wartime total of  10,5/3/5.Fate:KIA 11.07.44 over Imphal/India.  

4. Spitfire Vb(t) Unit/Location:249 SQN, Ta Kali, July 1942 Code:White X-R/BR562 (flew in through Operation "Spotter", 07.03.1942)
Pilot:Ray Hesselyn, RNZAF. Successes:12/1/7 on Malta and a wartime total of 21,5/2/7. Fate:Shot down 03.10.42 and wounded, POW, survived.  

5. Spitfire Vc(t) Unit/Location:185 SQN, Hal Far, 09.09.42 Code:Yellow X/BR112 (flew in through Operation "Calendar", 20.04.1942). Pilot:Claude Weaver, RCAF (USA). Successes:10,5/3/0 on Malta and a wartime total of 12,5/3/0. Fate:POW 09.09.42, Survived.

6. Spitfire Vc(t) Unit/Location:603 SQN, Ta Kali, 09.07.1942. Code:White N-4/BP989 (flew in through Operation "Bowery", 09.05.1942)  Pilot:Wally McLeod, RCAF. Successes:13/2/9,25 on Malta and a wartime total of 21/3/12,25 Fate:KIA 27.09.44 over France.

7. Spitfire Vc(t) Unit/Location:126 SQN, Luqa, 09.07.1942. Code:White N-MK (flew in through Operation "Style"(?), 03.06.1942)
Pilot:Patrick "Paddy" Schade, RAF. Successes:13,5/2/2 on Malta and a wartime total of 13,5/2/2 (+3,5 V1) Fate:KIA, July 1944 over France.

8. Spitfire Vb Unit/Location:401 SQN, Gravesend, April-May 1942. Code:Sky YO-H/BL753. Pilot:D J W "Don" Blakeslee, RCAF (US). Successes:14,5/3/11 as a wartime total. 3/3/7 were on Mk V's. Fate:Survived.

9. Spitfire Vb Unit/Location:64 SQN, Hornchurch, May 1942. Code:Sky SH-Z/BM476 Note: SQN-Leaders pennant on the right side as well as the word "Athashikar" Pilot:Wilfred Duncan-Smith, RAF.  Successes:17/2/8 as a wartime total. 8/2/5 were on Mk V's! Fate:Survived.

10. Spitfire Vb Unit/Location:411 SQN, Digby, April 1942.Code:Sky DB-P/AD196. Pilot:Henry "Wally" McLeod, RAF.Successes:21/3/12,5 as a wartime total. The majority of it on Mk V's! Fate:KIA 27.09.44 over France.

11. Spitfire Vb Unit/Location:92 SQN, Biggin Hill, August 1941. Code:Medium Sea Grey QJ-J/W3312 (nickname "Moonraker") 
Pilot:James Rankin, RAF. Successes:19,5/4,5/16 as a wartime total and nearly all of the on Mk V's! Fate:Survived.  

12. Spitfire Vb(t) Unit/Location:145 SQN, Bou Grara/Tunisia, March 1943. Code:Blue ZX-E/ES252 Pilot:Lance Cleo Wade, RAF (USA).  Successes:10/1/7 on Spitfire and a wartime total of 22/2/7  Fate:KIFA or KAS in January 1944. 

13. Spitfire Vb Unit/Location:609 SQN, Biggin Hill, July 1941. Code:Medium Sea Grey PR-B/W3238 (nickname "The London Butcher")  Pilot:Michael Robinson, RAF. Successes:16/4/1 as a wartime and approx. 50% of it on Mk V's! Fate:KIA in April 1942.

14. Spitfire Vb Unit/Location:91 SQN, Hawkinge, Summer 1941. Code:Medium Sea Grey DL-J/W3122 Pilot:Jean-Francois Demozay, RAF (French). Successes:18/2/4 as a wartime total and from this number 13/2/3 on Mk V's. Fate:Survived but KIFA in 
December 1945.