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P-61 Black Widow / 72-036 /
1. P-61A-1 42-5524 “Midnight Mickey”,crewed by 2Lt Mc Cumber, R/O Flt Off  Daniel Hinz and Gunner Pvt Peter Dutkanicz, 6th NFS, Saipan, mid-1944

2. P-61B-2 42-39428 OUR PANTHER , crewed by 2Lt Fred M Kuykendall, R/O Flt Off  Charles H Rousse and Gunner Cpl George Bancroft, 548th NFS, le Shima, Spring, 1945

3. P-61A-5 42-5554 THE VIRGIN WIDOW ,crewed by 2Lt Robert Ferguson, R/O 2Lt  Charles Ward and Gunner Sgt Leroy Miozzi, 6th NFS, Saipan, late December 1944

4. P-61A-1 44-5526 NIGHTIE MISSION, 6th NFS, Saipan, mid-1944

5. P-61B-2 42-39408 Lady in the Dark, crewed by Capt Sol Solomon and R/O Lt John Scheerer, 548th NFS, Iwo Jima, Spring 1945

6. P-61A-10 42-5565 “ DOUBLE TROUBLE”, crewed by 2lt Robert G Bolinder and R/O Flt Off Robert F Graham, 422nd NFS, Etain ,France late 1944

7. P-61A-1 44-5527 MOONHAPPY, crewed by 2lt Dale Hap Haberman, R/O Lt Raymond Mooney and Gunner, Pvt Pat Farelly, 6th NFS , Saipan, late 1944

8. P-61A-10 42-5623 , Sweatin Wally, flown by Capt Walter A Storck, 427th NFS, Myitkyina, Burma, late 1944

9. P-61B-1-NO “Times A Wastin” 1944

10. P-61A-5 42-5534 “SHOO-SHOO-BABY” crewed by Lt Robert O Elmore and R/O Lt Leonard F Mapes, 422nd NFS, Chateaudun, France, Autumn 1944

11. P-61A-5 42-5564 JUKIN Judu, crewed by Lt Eugene Lee and R/O Lt Donald Doyle, 422nd NFS, Etain, France, late 1944

12. P-61B-2 42-39454 Cooper s Snooper, flown by 1 Lt George C Cooper, 548th NFS, Iwo Jima, Spring 1945  

13. P-61B-1 42-39417 THE GREAT SPECKLED BIRD, crewed by Sguadron Maintenance Officer Lt Dick Hoover and Senior Sguadron, R/O Lt Earl R Dickey 416th NFS, Horsching, Austria, June1945

14. P-61B-15 42-39672 “Little Audrey”, 422nd NFS, Etain, France , late 1944

15. P-61B-15 42-39606 “Ll L ABNER”, crewed by Lt Alvin G Moore and R/O Lt Juan D Lujan, 415th NFS, St Dizier, France, March 1945

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Made by modeller  Rudnei Dias da Cunha from Brazil: