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Curtiss P-40 N / 72-175 /
1. P-40N, 7th Fighter Squadron ( 49th Fighter Group), Gusap, New Guinea, 1943. The leading edges were white as was the tail. Flown by Major Arland Stanton, seven kills of which three with this P-40N.

2. P-40N, serial number 42-23736 from a non-identified training unit in the USA, 1943.

3. P-40N, 18th Fighter Squadron (51 st Fighter Group) China, summer 1944, flown by 1st Lt Carl E. Harby.

4. P-40N, 8th Fighter Squadron (49th Fighter Group), Mailian, New Guinea, end of 1943, flown by Capt. Robert H. Wright. The white for the theatre of operations has been transferred to the leading edges of the wings.

5. P-40N, 8th Fighter Squadron (49th Fighter Group), Gusap, June 1944. Flown by Lt. Marion Felts. This plane had its original olive drab removed after an accident and subsequent repairs; it only kept the yellow 45 on the green background. the tail is white which continues under the American roundel for better visibility.

6. P-40N, 7th Fighter Squadron (3rd Fighter Group), Laohow, China, January 1945, flown by Wang Kuang Fu, 
a veteran of C.L. Chennault’s American Voluneer Group, and an ace of the Chinese Air Force, with 6.5 victories. 

7. P-40N, P-11249, 8th Fighter Squadron ( 3rd Fighter Group), Liangshan, China, Raymond L. Callaway, six confirmed kills,
one probablle and one aircraft damage.

8. P-40N, 89th Fighter Squadron (80th Fighter Group) Assam, India 1944.

9. P-40N, 8th Fighter Squadron (49th Fighter Group) Kalamazoo, Guadalcanal, in 1943, flown by Ernie Harris, unit commander, 10 kills on P-40 and the first ace in the Pacific to reach this score on this type of machine.

10. P-40N, 7th Fighter Squadron (49th Fighter Group) New Guinea 1943.

11. Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk Mk lV, No 122 Squadron RAF, flown by Flight Sergeant G.F. Davis Cutella, Italy, April 1944.

Made by modeller Peter Leiminger from Germany: