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P-47-D Razorback Aces / 72-173 /
1. P-47D-4-RA (Serial Unknown) flown by 1Lt. Ralph Wandrey of the 9th FS, 49th FG, March 1944.

2. P-47D-4-RA “Kathy/Veni Vidi Vici” (42-22903) flown by 1Lt. Lawrence O’Neill of the 342nd FS, 348th FG, December 1944.

3. P-47D-23-RA “Josie/Cleveland Clever” (42-27899) flown by Lt. Mike Dokovitsky of the 340th FS, 348th FG, December 1944.

4. P-47D-4-RA “Daring Dottie III” (42-22697) flown by Maj. John Moore of the 341st FS, 348th FG, March 1944.

5. P-47D-23- Thunderbolt 42-27884:120 ‘Bonnie’ of the 460th Fighter Squadron, 348th Fighter Group. 5th Air Force based at Tacloban, Philippines. 1945. Flown by Major Bill Dunham.

6. P-47 D-20-RE Thunderbolt 276516:B2-H ‘Magic Carpet’ of the 390th Fighter Squadron, 366th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force based in Belgium 1944.

7. P-47D-21-RA Thunderbolt 325514:A8-P ‘Anna Lousie’ of the 391 st Fighter Squadron, 366th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force based at Laon France late 1944. Flown by Lt. Rainbow.

8. Republic P-47 D-5 Unit/Location: 63rd FS/56th FG, Halesworth/Great Britain, March 1943. Code: White UN-M "Spirit Of
Atlantic City, N.J." Pilot: Walker "Bud" Mahurin Air victories: 20,75 in WW II & 3,5 in Korea Fate: Survived.

9. Republic P-47 D-4 Unit/Location: V Fighter Command, Finschhafen/New Guinea, March 1944.Code: Yellow 222668 "Fiery Ginger IV" Pilot: Neel E. Kearby Successes: 22 in WW II Fate: KIA 05.03.44 over Wewak/New Guinea.