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Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa / 72-171 /
1. Ki-43-IIIa GC II/7, Armee de l'Air (ex 64th sentai) French Indochina, December 1945.

2. Ki.43-III Unit: GC 1/7 "Provence", Armee de l'Air. Serial: A. Po-Chen-Tong, French Indochina, December 1945.

3. Ki-43-I-Hei Unit: 3rd chutai, 50th sentai. Pilot - Sgt Anabuki Satoshi (51 victories, 30 - confirmed), Burma, April 1943. This plane named 'Fubuki' (snow storm), painted in white kanjis in the rudder, was also flown by 1st Lt.Shigeru Nakazaki, in fact, nine of the victories painted in the tail are of him, by this date (January 1943) Anabuki has painted 3 victory circles from a P-40 and a couple of Hurricanes.

4. Ki-43-II.Manchukuo National Military Force Air Corps, Summer 1944.The hieroglyphs on the fuselage are name of company which bought this aircraft.

5. Ki-43 Serial: 8 (B-24034) Communist flying shool in Tunhua, in 1946.

6. Ki-43-II-Otsu Unit: 2nd chutai, 55th sentai Serial: 3 Pilot - Lt.Tomito Toda. Kemaki airfield, Nagoi area, Summer 1944.

7. Ki-43-IIIb Royal Thai Air Force. South China. Thailand Spring 1944. 

8. Ki-43-II-Kai. Unit: Indonesian People Security Force Serial: S/42. Djakarta, Java, 1946.