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Sukhoi Su-17 / 72-178 /
1. Su-17M4 "Batmaaaaan!" Unit: 1st AE, 20th GvAPIB, 125th ADIB, 16th VA. Serial: 05 Gross-Dolln airfield. East Germany, March 1992.

2. Su-17M3 Unit: 136th IBAP. Serial: 26. Kandahar, Afghanistan, Summer 1986. This regiment arrived to Afghanistan from Chirchik (Turkmenian Military District). After the repairing some aircraft of the regiment were without the markings, some have Red Stars without border.

3. Su-17M3R Unit: 139th GvIBAP. Serial: 21 Shindand air base, Afghanistan, Spring 1987. This regiment arrived to Afghanistan from Borzi (Baikal Military District). For the recce missions it was equipped with KKR-1 pod.

4. Su-17M4R Unit: 886th ORAP, 15th VA. Serial: 07 Bagram airbase, Afghanistan, December 1988. This regiment arrived to 
Afghanistan from Ekabpils (Baltic Military district). The airplanes of the regiment wore insignias: in the port side of the nose section - the bat and on the starboard - American Indian. Note: this aircraft equipped with recce pod KKR-1/2.

5. Su-17M4 "Black Devil" Unit: 274th APIB. Serial: 23 Bagram/Shindand, Afghanistan, Spring 1988.

6. Su-17M Unit: unknown. Serial: 03. This camouflaged Su-17M Fitter D of a Soviet Frontal Aviation regiment carries a missile launch rail on the inboard pylon for the short range AA-8 Aphid air-to-air missile.

7. Su-17M4 Unit: Russian AF. Serial: 45. A Russian AF a/c belonging to one of the elite Guards units. Note the 'Sukhoi Su-17M4' legend hand-painted on the rudder.

8. Su-17M4 Unit: 20th GvAPIB, 125th ADIB, 16th VA. Serial: 27. Templin (Gross Dolln), Germany, April 5th, 1994 the date of regiment withdrawal from East Germany.

9. Su-17M4 Unit: Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Serial: 24 Eastern Germany.