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Sukhoi Su-17 Su-20 Su-22 Part-2 / 72-179 /
1. Su-22M4 Serial: 25+07. This a/c received this striking colour scheme for participation in a NATO Tiger Meet. 

2. Su-17 Serial: 53. The Su-17 Fitter C of a Soviet Air Operation Training Unit. Fitter Cs in Soviet service were normally left in a 
Natural Metal finish.

3. Su-17M Unit: Aviation of the Pacific Fleet. Serial: 61 Circa 1976. The a/c in three-tone camouflage.

4. Su-17M Serial: 05. This Su-17M fighter-bomber of a Soviet Tactical Aviation regiment wore two-tone camouflage introduced after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

5. Su-20 Unit: Erprobungsstelle 61. Serial: 98+61. One of two ex-Egyptian Fitter Cs purchased by the West German Air Force for evaluation flights by. Erprobungsstelle 61 at Manching Air Base near Munich during 1985-1986.