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Skyraider Part 2 / 72-181 /
1. AD-1 VA-4B, US Navy Serial: 408/F (BuNo.09192) CVB-42 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, circa 1948."CVB-42 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, circa 1949.

2. AD-3 "Hefty Betty" VA-923, US Navy Serial: 504/D (BuNo.122737) CV-31 USS Bon Homme Richard, Korea, October 1951.

3. AD-4 VA-194, US Navy Serial: 411/B (BuNo.123811) CV-45 USS Valley Forge, Korea, 1951.

4. AD-1 VA-64, US Navy Serial: 417/C (BuNo.09283) CVB-43 USS Coral Sea, 1948.

5. AD-3 VMA-121 Wolf Raiders , USMC Serial: 21/AK (BuNo.122743) Pkhokhang airfield, Korea, 1953.

6. AD-4N "Janet" VMC-1, USMC Serial: 3/RM (BuNo.125723). This aircraft was based at K-16 (Seoul), South Korea during Korean Conflict. All markings were subdued in light blue for night operations. The nickname 'Janet' appeared on the starboard side of the engine cowling. It was unclear if this name was also on the port cowling side.