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Aero L-39 Albatros / 72-176 /
1. Aero L-39 C Albatros part: 444 minutes and PULP and PAPER PLC, NAVAL aviation number: 91 (p/n 834375) Plane of the 444-day center of combat application and re-training of pilots (BCP and PLC), naval aviation from the island of Pskov 

2. Aero L-39 C Albatros number: 41 (p/n 433021) Tambov school pilots. Airfield Michurinsky, 1990-ies.

3. Aero L-39 C Albatros number: 15 Tambov school pilots. Airfield Michurinsky, 1990-ies.

4. Aero L-39 C Albatros part: Armavirovskoe Vai, 704-th UAP number: 09 Airfield Kotelnikovo, 2003 .

5. Aero L-39 C Albatros number: 90 (c/n. 834332) pilot school of Tambov. Airfield Michurinsky, 1990.

6. Aero L-39 C Albatros Part: training air Regiment, Krasnodar higher military school of pilots (military Institute) named A.k. Serov number: 127 Presumably, 2006.

7. Aero L-39 C Albatros number: 51 air base Kirovsk.

8. Aero L-39ZA Albatros, 16 , 1st Aviation Base, Siauliai 2010.

9. Aero L-39ZA Albatros, 17 , 1st Aviation Base, Siauliai 2010.

10. Aero L-39РЎ Albatros part: Escuela de Aviacion Militar ' Che Guevara ' number: 02 flight training organisation ' Che Guevara ', San Julian air base.

11. Aero L-39РЎ Albatros part: 910-7th air Regiment number: 8703 the Academy AIR FORCE Vietnam, Nha Trang air base.

12. Aero L-39РЎ Albatros part: Fighter Squadron, Royal Air Force Cambodia number: 25 (132135) Pochentong Airbase.

13. Aero L-39 C Albatros Part: not available number: 11 one of Chechen ' Albatross ', destroyed at Khankala December 1, 1994. Chechen AIR FORCE markings in the form of 'Republic of Ichkeria '.

14. Aero L-39 C Of the Ghana AIR FORCE: number: G-901.

15. Aero L-39ZO part: FAG-25 number: 144 All East German L-39ZO served at JAG/FAG-25. This aircraft after the unification of Germany got the number 28 06. However, he did not have the black cross and was never used. Today it is a Museum in Berlin.

16. Aero L-39ZO part: LyAAF number: 3547.