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Sukhoi Su-24 / 72-184 /
1. Su-24 "Fencer-C" Unit: 735th BAP, Soviet AF. Serial: 10. Karshi airfield. The aircraft equipped with OFAB-250-270.

2. Su-24 "Fencer-C" Unit: 149th GvBAP, Soviet AF. Serial: 40. Crew: Sub.Col.V.A.Markin, Cpt.A.Saveliev. Typical load of FAB-500M-62 bombs. Aircraft of 149th GvBAP flew missions to Afghanistan in 1984 from Kokaidy and Khanabad in 1988-1989.

3. Su-24 "Fencer-C" Unit: 149th GvBAP, Soviet AF. Serial: 42 Karshi airfield, October-December 1988. The aircraft equipped with 
FAB-1500M-46 bombs. Aircraft flew missions over Afghanistan.

4. Su-24M Unit: 143rd BAP, Soviet AF. Serial: 20. Kopet-Nari.

5. Su-24 M the air force of Russia, the Krasnodar military of the United flight and technical College, summer 1993. The paint scheme has provided V. P. Pupkov.

6. Su-24M Unit: 455th BAP. Serial: 29. Voronezh, 2002. 

7. Su-24M Serial: 44 . 4th trainer center, Lipetsk, 2002.

8. Su-24MK Serial: 24246. Circa 1991.

9. Su-24MK Unit: 72 Sqn, IRIAF. Serial: 3-6810 Shiraz AB.

10. Su-24MK Serial: KX-88.

11. Su-24M Unit: 455th BAP, 16th VA. Serial: 26 Bunchuk airfield, Voronezh. On 28th April 1998. 45th anniversary on 
455th BAP. Note: advertisement stick Pepsi-Cola on the radar cover.
On 29th May 1998 16th VA was disband.