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P-51 Mustang-D / 72-039 /
1. P-51D “Iron Ass” QP-X 44-11661 Lt Col Jack J. Oberhansly 334th FS / 4th FG. 1943-1944

2. P-51D-5-NA KI-S 13859 Lt. Walter H. Moon Mullins of 55th FS / 20th FG.1944

3. P-51D-15-NA coded PI-J 44-15025 Lt. James A. Hickey of 360th FS /356th FG. Red rudder indentified 360th FS

4. P-51D-20-NA “Big Dick” coded MX-U 44-64147 Col. Richard A. Dick Hewitt of 78th FG from March 1945 the CO of 82nd FS.

5. P-51D coded QP-L 42-106924 Lt. Ralph “Kid” Hofer’s

6. Maj. Howard D "Deacon" Hively, Athens, OH. 334th Fighter Squadron, ex 71 "Eagle" Squadron. P-51B 43-6898 QP-J "The Deacon". 

7. P-51D-20-NA QP-W 44-72155 Lt.Ralph H. Buchanan (Buck) ,Los Angeles, California. To 334th FS 27/7/44 until end of war. 1945

8. P-51D-20-NA (NA.122) 44-63819 KEEP SMILIN, flown by Charles Nelson,
402nd FS/370thFG, Ninth Air Force

9.P-51D 44-14570 WD-D "Thunderbird" Capt. Ted E Lines,
Mesa, AZ. 335th Fighter Squadron.

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